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Shielding Swordmage

Level 5

Stats Skills
Strength 10 Acrobatics 4
Constitution 17 Arcana 12 (trained)
Dexterity 14 Athletics 7 (trained)
Intelligence 19 Bluff 1
Wisdom 13 Diplomacy 1
Charisma 8 Dungeoneering 3
Hit Points 56 Endurance 7
Bloodied 28 Heal 3
Surge Value 14 History 11 (trained)
Surges/Day 11 Insight 3
Armor Class 22 Intimidate 3
Fortitude 15 Nature 3
Reflex 16 Perception 3
Will 16 Religion 11 (trained)
Initiative 4 Stealth 4
Speed 6 Streetwise 1
Resistance None Thievery 4


Leather Armor; Longsword; Backpack (empty); Bedroll; Belt Pouch (empty); Candle x7; Flask (empty); Flint and Steel; Hempen Rope (50 ft.); Climber's Kit; Everburning Torch; Runic Leather Armor +1; Ashurta's Blade +2


Focused Expertise (Longsword) +1 to attack rolls w/ longswords as weapon or implement

White Lotuse Riposte When you hit w/ arcane at-will power and then an enemy attacks you before ENT, it takes 4 damage

Coordinated Explosion +1 to blast and burst attacks w/ ally in area

Intelligent Blademaster Use Int instead of Str on basic attacks


Melee Basic Attack +12 vs. AC (+4 Int, +2 level, +3 Prof, +1 Exp, +2 W); 1d8+6 dam (1d8+2 W, +4 Int)

Ranged Basic Attack +11 vs. AC (+4 Int, +2 level, +3 Prof, +2 W); 1d4+6 dam (1d4+2 W, +4 Int)

Warforged Resilience +2 racial bonus to saving throws vs. OGD

Swordbond w/ 1 hr meditation, you bond with one blade, which you can call back to your hand from 10 squares away or fix it in 1 hr

Swordmage Warding +1 to AC w/ blade; +3 to AC if off-hand is free; if unconscious, warding ends, but can be restored with rest

Background: Occupation - Scholar Religion Class Skill

Background: Child of Two Worlds No benefit


Ashurta’s Blade +2 (Level 10, Hand) +1 item defense bonus to aberrant creatures; can change between broadsword, dagger, longsword, shuriken, or short sword as minor action

Runic Leather Armor +1 (Level 3, Body) – +1 to Arcana checks

Item Slots Empty Off-hand, Neck, Head, Hands, Arms, Feet, Waist



Melee Basic AttackStandard; Weapon; Melee: Weapon; +12 vs. AC; 1d8+6 damage (Crit: 14+2d6 damage or 14+2d10 dam vs. aberrant).

Booming Blade Standard; At-Will; Arcane, Thunder, Weapon; Melee: Weapon; +12 vs. AC; 1d8+6 damage (Crit: 14+2d6 damage or 14+2d10 dam vs. aberrant), WLR, and if target is adjacent to you at start of its turn and moves away during its turn, it takes 1d6+3 Thunder damage.

Sword Burst Standard; Arcane, Force, Implement; Close: Burst 1; +9 vs. Reflex; 1d6+6 Force damage (Crit: 12+2d6 damage or 12+2d10 dam vs. aberrant) and WLR. If ally in burst: +1 to hit.

Aegis of Shielding Minor; Close: Burst 2; Mark one creature until this power is used on another target. In addition to mark, if target makes an attack that does not include you, hits and you are within 10 squares of the target, you can use an immediate interrupt to reduce damage dealt by 8.


Sword of Sigils Standard; Close: Burst 1; +12 vs. AC; 1d8+6 damage (Crit: 14+2d6 damage or 14+2d10 dam vs. aberrant) and target is marked UENT. While marked, if target makes an attack that does not include you as a target, it takes 4 Force damage after attack is resolved. If you are w/in 10 squares of target when it makes attack that does not include you as a target, you can use an immediate interrupt to reduce damage dealt by the attack by 3. If ally in burst: +1 to hit.

Dimensional Vortex Immediate Interrupt, when enemy hits ally w/ melee attack; Arcane, Teleportation, Implement; Ranged: 10; +9 vs. Will on triggering enemy; Teleport target 5 sq and target makes the attack against creature you choose. If no creatures are in range, attack is expended. If target is marked by Aegis of Shielding, attack deals additional 3 damage.

Dimension Warp Minor; Arcane, Teleportation; Close: Burst 3; You and ally or two allies in burst teleport into each other's squares.

Warforged Resolve Minor; Healing; Personal; You gain 5 THP and can make saving throw against one effect that deals ongoing damage. If you are bloodied, you also regain 4 HP.

Second Wind Standard; Healing; Personal; You lose a surge and regain 12 HP. You also have +2 def USNT.


Dimensional Thunder Standard; Arcane, Teleportation, Thunder, Weapon; Melee: Weapon; Before attack, you can teleport 3 sq and each enemy adjacent to you after teleport takes 5 Thunder OGD (SE). +12 vs. AC; 2d8+6 Thunder damage (Crit: 22+2d6 damage or 22+2d10 dam vs. aberrant).

Swordmage Shielding Fire Standard; Arcane, Fire, Implement; Close: Burst 10 (one creature); The creature is marked by Aegis power UEE, in addition to normal Aegis mark that can be placed on any creature. When you reduce the damage dealt by target using Aegis of Shielding, target takes 8 fire damage. +9 vs. Fort; 2d10+5 Fire damage (Crit: 25+2d6 damage or 25+2d10 dam vs. aberrant).

Ashurta’s Blade +2 (Item) Free, when you hit with an attack; Target is dazed UENT. If target is aberrant, it is restrained and cannot teleport UENT.


7 - Rushing Cleats

2 - Delver's Light

1 - Sun Globe

1 - Eternal Chalk

4 - Hedge Wizard's Glove

5 - Bag of Holding

2 - Reading Spectacles

3 - Arcanist's Glasses

5 - Command Circlet

1 - Blessed Book

4 - Friend's Gift

5 - Deathcut Armor

3 - Runic Armor

2 - Armor of Aegis Expansion

2 - Pinning Longsword

3 - Aegis Blade

5 - Runic Weapon

Set Items from Marjam's Dream

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