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Bloodreavers: A band of mostly hobgoblins that had contracted with Kalarel. Irontooth (deceased), Balgron the Fat, Commander Tra'ak, and General Krand (deceased) are notable members.

Platinum Order: Also known as the Order of the Platinum Dragon. This is one of oldest orders of Bahamut from even before the old Nerath Empire.

Winterhaven Regulars: The militia of Winterhaven, led by Captain Rond Kelfem.

Great Orcs: The five orc warriors you met at Urvol's smithy in the Horned Hold. Grog, the leader, commands Grunt, Grak, Grimp, and Grek.

Grimmerzhul Clan: A duergar clan living in Thunderspire Mountain. Murklemore Grimmerzhul had a slave trade operation until he didn't. Urvol Grimmerzhul is a master smith keen on work with the material arcanium; he now resides in the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Mages of Saruun: A group of mages governing the Seven-Pillared Hall of Thunderspire Mountain. The Ordinator Arcanis, one of the mages, moves about the hall occasionally, wearing a golden mask to act as judge and executor of the hall's law.

  • Tarlesin of Borbra: Red Mage, human male, fire
  • Racalla Markelhay: Blue Mage, half-elf female, water
  • Hela Horas: Yellow Mage, tiefling female, air
  • Saldor Foslarin: Green Mage, dwarf male, earth
  • Belizeth Tselifsun: Purple Mage, eladrin female, death
  • Rohezal Amboss: Orange Mage, dragonborn male, life
  • Orontor: unknown specialty, human male
  • Paldemar: unknown specialty, human male, Orontor's apprentice

Blackfang Gnolls: A band of gnolls that occupy the Well of Demons in Thunderspire Labyrinth. Their leader is Maldrick Scarmaker.


Anna Anna is a little girl who was found tied up and unconscious inside a forest cabin. Her parents were murdered by human mercenaries and she was supposedly to be smuggled into Winterhaven during the night. She was recaptured and nearly sacrificed to Orcus by Bairwin. After the fall of Kalarel in the Keep on the Shadowfell, Bloodreaver slavers took her and many other Winterhavians to Thunderspire Mountain. She was sold to the Grimmerzhul Clan and subsequently used in a dark ritual by the mage Paldemar until again saved by Light's Shadow. She and Corydimbiddle have a close relationship and she thinks of him as her uncle. Her grandfather is Eilian the Old.


Bairwin Rich merchant in Winterhaven who settled there a few years ago. Leader of the Winterhaven Cult of Orcus, who was working with Ninaran and the kobolds in the area to terrorized the populace. Recently took it upon himself to conduct his own sacrifices, against Kalerel's wishes.


Balgron Also known as Balgron the Fat. Disliked, cowardly hobgoblin lieutenant of the Bloodreavers answering to Commander Tra'ak. He was responsible for guarding the first level of Shadowfell Keep, but fled from the party of adventurers.




Daria Daria is a young, human Priestess of Erathis in Fallcrest. She befriended Edeya after the monk saved her from being kidnapped by a goblin and some kobolds. The two of them seem to have a lot in common. Daria was adopted by the elven high priestess of Erathis in Fallcrest, Dirina Mornbrow. She arrived in Winterhaven with relief supplies and volunteers after Light's Shadow freed the area of Bloodreavers and defeated Kalarel in the Keep on the Shadowfell.

Douven Stahl

Douven Stahl Douven Stahl is a reknowned explorer, tinkerer, and dabbler in the arcane arts. He was last seen by Nimozaran in Fallcrest several months ago and reportedly was on his way to Winterhaven. He was rescued by the adventurers at a dragon burial dig site. It was there that Ninaran the Hunter was decapitated and the party found a mysterious mirror that saps the will of anyone that gazes at it. After Kalarel was defeated in the Keep on the Shadowfell, Douven remained in Winterhaven to continue his research.


Eeeek Sole survivor. Commando. Toughest kobold in all the Nentir Vale. Or luckiest. He survived a few battles against the adventurers near Winterhaven and in Shadowfell Keep. His current whereabouts are unknown, but he is likely still fleeing in fear of the thought of seeing the "green devil" Edeya again. He was casually drinking some ale, together with Splug, at the Halfmoon Inn in the Seven-Pillared Hall when Light's Shadow came in. After a skirmish involving some Bloodreavers, he wasn't seen at the inn again.


Elend Elend is a young, human wizard in Fallcrest. Azad saved him from a trio of assassins underneath a full moon. He seems to have a famous (or perhaps infamous) father. Upon returning to Winterhaven after defeating Kalarel in the Keep on the Shadowfell, Azad received a personal letter from Elend.


Grundelmar The devout dwarf is high priest of the House of the Sun. His faith in Pelor is an unshakable influence within the Council of Fallcrest.




Irontooth Giant hobgoblin, two-blade wielding member of the Bloodreavers. He was in charge of leading the kobold bandits near Winterhaven, coordinating his attacks with information provided by Ninaran the Hunter. He was killed in a valiant effort from the adventures in the kobold hideout behind the waterfall.


Kalarel Skull Highpriest of Orcus. He arrived in the Winterhaven area a few years ago and took up residence in Shadowfell Keep. He contracted with the Bloodreavers under Commander Krand to secure the keep and terrorize the surrounding area. He used Ninaran the elf as his spy in Winterhaven and contact with Bairwin. His research led him to a ritual for re-opening the rift to the Shadowfell, thereby trying to allow hordes of undead into the Nentir Vale. Light's Shadow was barely able to stop him during their search for the "desideratum", an object of power that was watched over by the Platinum Order. As he was dying, Kalarel was seized by tentacles from the shadow rift and pulled into it's depths. His arcane rod morphed into a greatbow as Edeya picked it up.


Lightshade This mysterious, dark-cloaked woman first appeared to fight some of Light's Shadow as they were traversing Shadowfell Keep. As she fought them, Demuriath was fighting a spiritual battle on a different plane that left him forever changed and in service to the Raven Queen even after death. Lightshade appeared again, having watching unseen, just after the adventurers defeated Kalarel at the rift of shadow. Later, when they thought they were being guided by Terrlen Darkseeker in the Labyrinth of Thunderspire Mountain, Lightshade revealed herself to the adventurers in the guise of Terrlen just before they were ambushed by a horde of gnolls and a shadow dragon. Hadad's quick action sent her plummeting into unknown depths. Her motives and allegiances are unknown yet suspect.


Nimozaran Nimozaran the Green is a mage residing in the Septarch Tower of Fallcrest. He is a member of the Council of Fallcrest and friends with Douven Stahl.


Ninaran Ninaran was an elf ranger living in Winterhaven. He was also a follower of Orcus under Kalarel's orders to spy on the area. He was responsible for kidnapping Douven Stahl and would have hounded the adventurers had he not lost his head to Demuriath's fullblade.


Padraig Lord Padraig is the noble custodian of Winterhaven. He has some relationship to the family line Markelhay. He tasked the adventurers with investigating the disappearances in the area and increasing kobold activities. After Kalarel was defeated in the Keep on the Shadowfell many Winterhavians were taken as slaves by the Bloodreavers and taken to Thunderspire Mountain. Lord Padraig has asked Light's Shadow to rescue the Winterhavians.



Rond Kelfem

Rondkelfem Rond Kelfem is Captain of the Winterhaven Regulars, a group of militia. He is a straightforward, suspicious man. He able defense tactics were instrumental in fighting the undead during the "Night of Death", when Winterhaven's graveyard came alive with skeletons and zombies. Only when Kalarel was defeated did the undead cease their coordinated attack. Captain Kelfem blames the adventurers for that night or at least blames them for not being around to help in Winterhaven's defense.


Splug Poor Splug was found locked up in the torture chamber cells of the Shadowfell Keep. He was merely trying to eke out a lowly existence by making it clear to his fellow goblins how little they needed some of their possessions. Such as food, ale, and the occasional coin. It wasn't his fault he was so lucky at dice, cards, and any other game, but Bagron the Fat didn't see it that way. The adventures eventually rescued him from his cell in exchange for translating a message cylinder written in goblin. Once freed, he nearly fell over himself in thanks, and then promptly got the hell out of the keep. He was seen briefly in the company of Eeeek at the Halfmoon Inn in the Seven-Pillared hall.

Susana Wrafton

Susana Wrafton Innkeeper in Winterhaven and very affable. She and Azad easily liked each other from the first. She kept her cool when told her of Ninaran's treachery and courageously went around the inn to ask her guests to leave before a vicious battle with Ninaran. She was among the Winterhavian's captured and sold into slavery by the Bloodreavers. Light's Shadow rescued her from Krand in the Chamber of Eyes of Thunderspire. She had been severely mistreated and is recuperating by helping Erra Halfmoon in the Halfmoon Inn of the Seven-Pillared Hall.




Tra'ak Commander of the hobgoblins in Shadowfell Keep. He answers to General Krand. When the adventurers proved to him that Kalarel was responsible for killing his right-hand, Garek, whose Floating Shield Azad carries, Tra'ak decided to depart the keep and return to the labyrinth and the Seven-Pillared Hall to report to General Krand. Light's Shadow overheard some Bloodreaver conversations telling of how Tra'ak and Krand argued about the direction the Bloodreavers were heading with slavery. Commander Tra'ak took his men and left Krand's group in disgust.



  • Valthrun is the sage of Winterhaven who helped guide the adventurers towards Shadowfell Keep. He gave the party an old poem by Melgold, describing the threat within the keep and the history of the place. He was asked by Edeya to research the name Kalarel and remains in Winterhaven.
  • Vadriar is the sage at the Halfmoon Inn of the Seven-Pillared Hall in Thunderspire Mountain. He and Valthrun are twins. Where Valthrun is interested in events above ground and the future, Vadriar is interested in events below-ground and the past. He is knowledgeable about the histories of ancient empires such as Bael Turath, Arkhosia, and Saruun Khel.
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