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Geen Fettenbar

Wilden Archer Ranger

Level 5

Stats Skills
Strength 11 Acrobatics 10 (trained, -1 armor check)
Constitution 14 Arcana 2
Dexterity 19 Athletics 1 (-1 armor check)
Intelligence 10 Bluff 2
Wisdom 17 Diplomacy 2
Charisma 10 Dungeoneering 5
Hit Points 46 Endurance 3 (-1 armor check)
Bloodied 23 Heal 5
Surge Value 11 History 7 (trained)
Surges/Day 8 Insight 5
Armor Class 21 Intimidate 2
Fortitude 16 Nature 14 (trained)
Reflex 21 Perception 10 (trained)
Will 16 Religion 2
Initiative 6 Stealth 12 (trained, -1 armor check)
Speed 6 Streetwise 2
Resistance None Thievery 5 (-1 armor check)


Adventurer's Kit; Crossbow Bolts x4; Climber's Kit; Grappling Hook; Hammer; Pitons; Tent; Camouflaged Clothing; Hide Armor; Leather Armor; Swiftshot Superior crossbow +1, Amulet of Physical Resolve +1, Shadow Hunter Hide +2


Weapon Expertise (Crossbow) +1 to attack rolls w/ Crossbows

Defensive Mobility +2 AC vs. OAs

Weapon Proficiency (Superior Crossbow) Prof. w/ Superior Crossbows

Weapon Focus (Crossbow) +1 dam w/ Crossbows

Superior Reflexes +2 Ref and gain CA on first turn


Melee Basic Attack +2 vs. AC (+0 Str, +2 level); 1d4 dam (1d4 U, +0 Str)

Ranged Basic Attack +11 vs. AC (+4 Dex, +2 level, +3 Prof, +1 W, +1 Exp); 1d10+6 dam (1d10+1 W, +4 Dex, 1 WF)

Nature’s Aspect Choose between Aspect of the Ancients, Destroyer, or Hunter after each extended rest. Can use that aspect’s power.

Prime Shot +1 on ranged attack rolls vs. target no one is closer to than you.

Background: Eldeen Reaches +2 Nature


Swiftshot Superior Crossbow +1 (Level 3, Hand/Off-Hand) Reloads as free action, Daily Minor RBA

Shadow Hunter Hide Armor +2 (Level 7, Body) Move 4 sq an action while hidden w/out -5 penalty to Stealth

Amulet of Physical Resolve +1 (Level 2, Neck) +2 to saves vs. Poison, Weakened, Slowed, or Immobilized

Item Slots Empty Head, Hands, Arms, Feet, Waist



Melee Basic Attack Standard; Weapon; Melee: Weapon; +2 vs. AC; 1d4 damage (Crit: 4 damage).

Ranged Basic Attack Standard; Weapon; Ranged: Weapon; +11 vs. AC; 1d10+6 damage (Crit: 16+1d6 damage).

Twin Strike Standard; Martial, Weapon; Ranged: Weapon; +11 vs. AC, two attacks; 1d10+2 damage (Crit: 12+1d6 damage) per attack.

Nimble Strike Standard; Martial, Weapon; Ranged: Weapon; Shift 1 sq before attack; +11 vs. AC; 1d10+6 damage (Crit: 16+1d6 damage).

Hunter’s Quarry Minor; Martial; You can designate enemy nearest you as your quarry. Once per round, you can deal 1d6 bonus damage to quarry when you hit with an attack. This is active UEE, until quarry is defeated, or you designate a new quarry. You may only have one HQ at a time.


Evasive Strike Standard; Martial, Weapon; Ranged: Weapon; Shift 4 sq before attack; +11 vs. AC; 2d10+6 damage (Crit: 26+1d6 damage).

Disruptive Strike Immediate Interrupt, when you or ally are attacked; Martial, Weapon; Ranged: Weapon; +11 vs. AC; 1d10+6 damage (Crit: 16+1d6 damage) and target takes -6 penalty to attack.

Invigorating Stride Move; Healing, Martial; Effect: Shift 3 sq, but do not end shift adjacent to any enemy and use Second Wind.

Voyage of the Ancients Free; Teleportation; Trigger: You hit an enemy w/ Close or Area attack; Teleport 3 sq and you and one ally gain CA UENT against one enemy you hit w/ triggering attack.

Wrath of the Destroyer Immediate Reaction, a bloodied enemy attacks you or an ally adj to you; Make MBA or charge against triggering enemy and if attack hits, target is dazed UENT.

Pursuit of the Hunter Immediate Reaction, enemy w/in 2 sq moves on its turn; ; Shift 3 sq and UENT, deal 1d6 bonus damage when you hit and no penalty for cover or concealment.

Second Wind Standard; Healing; Personal; You lose a surge and regain 10 HP. You also have +2 def USNT.


Sure Shot Standard; Martial, Weapon; Ranged: Weapon; Shift 4 sq before attack; +11 vs. AC, and you can reroll attack, but must use second roll; 3d10+6 damage (Crit: 36+1d6 damage) and you can reroll each damage dice, but must use second roll.

Excruciating Shot Standard; Martial, Weapon; Ranged: Weapon; +11 vs. AC; 3d10+6 damage (Crit: 36+1d6 damage) and target is weakened (save ends); Miss: Half damage and target is not weakened.

Swiftshot Superior Crossbow (Item) Minor; Make RBA with this weapon.



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