Attached is your MMS Team Member welcome packet. Welcome aboard!

Mauritanian Marauder Squadron

Team Member Information Packet

So you?ve been accepted to the Mauritanian Marauder Squadron, what now? Fear not brave warrior, we?re here to tell you.

As a member of the MMS, you now have access to MMS Headquarters all over Greater Mauritania. At these location you can receive medical care, check in to an MMS barracks for an evening of rest, attend MMS training workshops subject to availability, and know you a part of a whole. A whole greater than the sum of it?s individual accomplishments. You are one of the few and proud standing up to protect Mauritania from the tyranny of rebel oppression.

Just when it seemed Mauritania was on the cusp of a new golden age, a coward?s arrow sent us spiraling into the dark times we now face. The MMS is the way, the truth, and the light to escape the bowels of fear and hate. With your help, we will rise up and meet this crisis head on. The rebellion will be turned back, Mauritania will see it?s golden age yet, and you will be at the heart of it, your bravery shining as beacon to free citizens the nation over.

MMS Salary Guidelines are as follows:

Team Members: 15gp per day (Plus mission bonus)
Team Leaders: 20gpm per day (Plus mission bonus)

Any other employment questions, please feel free to follow up with your team leader or your MMS HR generalist.

-- MMS Human Resources

The MMS Brining Peace to Chaos