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Mission Orders from Lt. Azad - Recover the Viceroy!

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Each of you are approached by strangers who, after using the correct code words to identify themselves as MMS members, give you the following letter.

To the members of the newly-formed MMS 215th Special Tactical Squad,

Word has reached MMS Command that the Grand Viceroy of Plainvista was kidnapped yesterday morning from his home by three suspected rebels. This is believed to be connected to rumored rebel activity at an abandoned barracks north of Plainvista, which is where intelligence indicates the rebels are hiding the Viceroy.

We will assemble here in Dragonhelm, and then travel northeast to Plainvista. MMS Safety Battalions are attempting to maintain martial law in the Viceroy's absence, leading to an unstable situation on the ground in Plainvista. Failure to rescue the Viceroy and return him to Plainvista could lead to complete anarchy in this very sensitive region.

Further intelligence indicates that the goblins in the region surrounding Plainvista have taken advantage of the situation and are causing trouble both in the city and the surrounding countryside.

Our orders are to rescue the Viceroy, return him to power in Plainvista, and capture or kill the rebels responsible. In addition to our standard wages, MMS Command has authorized a 1,000 GP bonus to the squad should we succeed in our task. We will have the support of the MMS barracks in Dragonhelm, but cannot expect assistance from the local MMS units in Plainvista, as they have their hands full keeping the peace.

We will meet at 0800 tomorrow at the Dead Goblin Inn here in Dragonshelm. An MMS contact will meet us there with additional information and to answer any further questions.

For Mauritania!
Lt. Kolaam Azad
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Finally! Something to do!

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