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Hey guys I am really sorry to post almost two-weeks since my last post, but things have been quite crazy for me. I have been hunting for apartments, trying to fix my car, transfering to my campus out here, writing a research paper, etc. To make things more complicated, I have had no internet access while staying at Tamara's grandma's house while I've been in phoenix. So as to not waste anyone else's time or energy, I think it would be best to either take a break from the campaign until I am done moving or cancel it all together. I understand very much if you guys are frustrated, and I don't take anything personally if you guys are no longer interested in playing with me either as a character or DM. Either way, I apologize for being unavailable and uncommunicative, but life happens :).
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No worries. Let's pick it up when you are settled.
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I agree with Jon, let's pick up the campaign again after you have settled in Phoenix. We just finished with that first big battle, too, so the timing is good.
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I think I may want to try playing my paladin in the delves instead.
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Happy with whatever you decide. There's plenty of other action happening, and anyone else interested in starting a new campaign is welcome to do so without any affect on this one.
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