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Sered Val tends to his wounds reminding himself that it is not yet time for him to go back to the Astral Sea.

OOC: Two healing surges for 20 total HP and down to 2/8 surges. That is a pretty intense set of three encounters. One more of that type and we would almost surely have not all made it. Seems like at least the level 1 delve was well designed to tax the party.
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OOC: Damn it I did it again, sorry not my usual computer... here the last part.
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OOC: Also, I know we are done with encounter, but should I post I "used" or "not used" my second wind?
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You all spend several well-earned minutes resting, counting gold, searching corpes, and preparing yourselves for what dangers might lie in wait for you past the double doors to the south. You desperately hope it's not another group of kobolds waiting silently in the darkness. Waiting...waiting for you to enter unsusupecting. You shake your heads and focus once more. The double doors clearly look locked, but maybe a good kick or two, a nimbly-held lockpick, or perhaps even...a key would help. Khorvan is last to join the group, since he was most busy trying to assess the value of their spoils and find enough pockets to put them in. By his best guess, they may stumbled upon a sizeable dragon horde in the value of about 1800 gold pieces.

OOC: Don't worry about mechanics at this point. Besides, second wind replenishes after every encounter. It was indeed an intense trio of encounters, but it is partially my fault, since I upped the difficulty level beyond an already upped difficulty level. I did so to balance having six instead of five players and because I believed the new classes in PHB2 could handle it. Thanks to all of you for being patient with my DnD inexperience. If any of you want to, you can have a look at the delve in the book and feel free to email me any positive or negative, but constructive, feedback. Now, let's continue.
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Khorvan produces the key they found, and unlocks the doors.

OOC: Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Viktor! I had a lot of fun! Now for me to take a look at Delve #2!

Everyone should post what they plan to do for the next Delve at this thread:
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You open the double doors and send some light from your sunrod into the room beyond. On the walls, you see chained several dwarves and two humans, one male and one female. Without much ado, you go about the task releasing the prisoners. One of the dwarves, with copper colored hair and beard speaks up. "I'm Kavalar Coppernight and this is..was my Hold. Thank you ever so much for rescuing us."

The militia woman says, "Yes, on behalf of Loudwater, thank you for coming here and ridding the area of the dragon and her kobold horde. My comrade and I arrived to investigate Mr. Coppernight's illegal construction activities, when moments later we were attacked. We'd best make hast to return to Loudwater and report to the Mayor's office." She and her comrade begin to stretch their muscles and prepare to depart.

"Illegal, you say! Mudwash! My ancestors have claim to this land and I have the old deeds to prove it!"

"Well, then you won't mind coming with us to Loudwater and presenting your case in person. I'm sure Lady Moonfire will be most happy to receive you. Now pack your things and come along." she finishes with finality in her tone.

Turning to the group. "Would the rest of be willing to help us escort these dwarves safely to Loudwater? It would be much appreciated."
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Matter-of-factly, Ishara says, "Clearly there are matters here unresolved - we should all return to the city. We will be happy to escort you all back".

OOC: Great delve! Very challenging and a good learning experience.
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