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Under Tiamatís heel, the former center of githyanki culture has now become a bastion of the Dark Ladyís strength.
Population: 120,000; Githyanki are still the dominant people in Tuínarath, but they now share the city with Tiamatís legions. Unprecedented numbers of devils, dragonborn, dragonspawn, and other creatures have free rein to go where they please. Outside of these forces, visitors are still confined to the Merchant District, where a diverse population thrives.
Inns: The Morningstar Inn; Iron House; The Dragonís Den; others. The Morningstar Inn is the most expensive but most popular establishment in the Merchant District.
Taverns: The Winesink; Filthy Dredges; Nectar House; others.
Supplies: The Merchant District is the commercial center in the city and one can find just about anything they could want.
Dungeon Master - Scales of War
Edeya - Githzerai Seeker - Points of Light