The Wiki ( is back up and online, and should be working properly. All of you should have a login that's separate than the BB login, and I believe I've tweaked it so that only we can edit/add pages. There are still a lot of random pages and spam, but for the most part they're not linked to the rest, so mostly invisible - feel free to delete them if you see them.

Also, if you see a page that SHOULD have content but doesn't (or has spam), it's likely just be overwritten, and can be rolled back in the "history" tab. Feel free to point out these pages if you're not comfortable with Wiki's software.

You'll also notice a link to the wiki in these forums (up below the graphic, between "Home" and "Your Panel"). Let me know if you have any questions.
Hedoni Midartis - Eladrin Wizard, Scales of War
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