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You will be gaining level 2 after this fight, so please take a bit of time if you want to talk about power choices. When you have your new char sheets, please email me a copy. Thanks!
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I wish I could have it right now, but I think I will take Shrug It Off (Imm Rxn, when subjected to a SE effect, make a saving throw and if you succeed, shift 1 as free action). That should help me with some Slow and Immobilizing effects, at least. For feats, I will probably just take Reckless Charge (On a charge, gain +1 to attack, but -2 AC USNT).
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I will likely take Forceful Drag utility which lets me move speed with a grabbed creature in tow by sliding it after me. At the end of the move I can choose to knock it prone. Naturally, this will only work after I've grabbed them with Grappling Strike, so it's combo that will never be wasted.

I will choose the Deadly Draw feat, which grants me combat advantage on enemies I pull or slide adjacent to me UENT. It doesn't specify that the enemy has to end the slide next to me.

I will be able to slide enemies with Footwork Lure, Weapons Master's Strike (singing stick/mace), Funneling Flurry, and Forceful Drag. I think that will make getting CA a lot easier without having to flank.
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I'm taking the Virtuous Recovery feat which will give me WIS mod damage resistance for every healing surge I spend. The power I'm thinking to take is Virtue which gives me my surge value in THP. I can change the power, but am fairly set on the feat. Suggestions?
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