Six unlikely heroes were brought together on what should have been an uneventful morning in South Square in the small town of Loudwater. Goblins burst through the town wall in search of a totem their leader asked them to find. While they found it in Garwan's Curiosities, they were stopped by the six of you, but in the confusion the you were arrested by Captain Harrowleaf of the Loudwater Town Guard over Oboro's possession of a box of the narcotic dreamseed - a surprise to Oboro - which she was to deliver to a dwarf named Zark at the request of an official in her Temple of Ilmater.

Harrowleaf locked you up, then allowed you freedom if you would track down the leader of the goblins and stop his ritual: to resurrect the Ogre King. Journeying into the Dire Wood, you came across the goblin barrow and killed all inhabitants (taking their stuff in the process), including High Shaman Sancossug, thereby preventing the Ogre King's return to this plane.

Upon return to Loudwater, you were welcomed back as the heroes you are, and the city's leader, Lady Moonfire, rewarded you handsomely at a party in your honor with the city's nobility. It is at this party that you met an elven noble, Lord Tathus, who told you that Zark - who you now knew to be the top lieutenant of the Lady of Shadows, Loudwater's criminal mastermind - had kidnapped his nephew, Jaulathus.

You decided to pursue Zark, and Berna easily discovered his headquarters in one of the city's seedier areas. Bluffing your way past his sentries, you met the dwarf himself, and worked your way into the outermost ring of his confidences. He ordered you to find a staff, needed somehow in connection with the warlock Draigdurroth's Tower, which is said to be in an abandoned Temple of Moradin in the High Moor. You set off...
Dungeon Master - The Dark Campaign
Sir Muurak - Mul Cavalier 14, Scales of War
Demuriath - Revenant Assassin 5, Points of Light
Kurvilis - Gnome Mage 4, Eberron