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Dateline: Sargus, Mauritania Provence-

Rebel forces overthrow Sargus suburb, rename new outpost 'Freiland'

In a stunning show of power and organization, a large force of rebel militants stormed the quiet eastern suburbs of the large Mauritanian Provence city of Sargus. In a siege that has lasted for twelve days, the rebel forces managed to reach the border of the Sargus river before being turned back at Hope Bridge, the only crossing connecting the mostly residential suburban outskirts to the rest of the city.

The rebellion has captured Sargus Hall, a key battlement in the great war between historical rivals Mauritania and Macondria. It was at Sargus Hall that the peace accord uniting Mauritania and Macondria was ratified. This peace accord is a large reason for the continuing rebellion across Greater Mauritania as the native Tieflings have long been frustrated by the Dragonborn Macondrians who have ruled the nation since the Sargus Pact was signed.

The Mauritanian Marauder Squadron, fresh off a victory against a small rebel uprising in Plainvista, will be dispatching units to neutralize the rebel threat, and retake Sargus Hall, and the residential communities that surround it. There have been no reports at this time of how many MMS units will be deployed, but it is likely that the newly formed 215th will be amongst those bringing peace back to Sargus.

More to follow as this story develops.
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Although it is nice to see our efforts appreciated, I'm not sure I'd like my name to appear in the paper.
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Daggoth scratches his chin at the sight of the news and ponders the halflings words.

"Being known can be a double edged sword. While some may be more wary of us if they know who we are, others will know we mean business and may be more forthcoming with information when I am deciding where I will give them a new orifice with my axe!"

Daggoth takes a break from mending some gashes in his scale armor to take the last bite of his goblin jerky. Not bad with a little chili powder and lime.

OOC: where exactly are we right now anyway? Some inn at Plainvista? Lets get rolling on the in character banter! :)

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