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On Saturday I got to be a DM for Nathan. The adventure went like this, more or less.

Emily - "Do you want me to tell you a story that you make up with your imagination?"
Nathan - " Yeah!"
Emily - "Who should be in the story?"
Nathan - "Trains!"
Emily - "Which trains?"
Nathan - "Thomas and Percy."
Emily - "Okay. Percy was out delivering the mail when there was a big snow storm. Thomas was in the shed and Sir Topumhat came to give Thomas a job. He told him that Percy had gotten stuck in a pile of snow and Thomas had to rescue him. What do you think Thomas did?"
Nathan - "Um, He got some cars."
Emily - "What was in the cars?"
Nathan - "Crayons!"
Emily - "How about his snowplow too?"
Nathan - "Yeah."
Emily - "So Thomas got his snowplow and hooked up to his boxcars filled with crayons - blue crayons, red crayons, yellow, orange and green too. Then Thomas went onto the turntable and out of the yard. He went along the tracks until he came to a junction. Which way did Thomas go, up the mountain or down the valley?"
Nathan -"Up the mountain."
Emily - "Thomas chugged up the mountain until he came to a bridge over a river. But the snowstorm had blown down the bridge and it was broken. Thomas could not get across. What did he do?"
Nathan - "He flew across."
Emily - "Right , so, um, Thomas used the crayons to make himself a pair of butterfly wings and he flew across to the other side of the river. Then, he went along the tracks some more until he came to a big pile of snow that was blocking the tracks. Thomas looked very carefully at the snow and saw some smoke coming out from the middle of it. What should Thomas do?"
Nathan - "Use a bulldozer."
Emily - "Well Thomas doesn't have a bulldozer, should he use his snowplow?"
Nathan - "Yeah."
Emily - "Thomas used his snowplow to push the snow out of the way. And under all that snow he found his friend Percy. It was Percy's smoke stack that had been puffing that smoke. Thomas was so happy to see Percy. Together they continued on to the next station. The End."
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Too cute. Wow, you're really starting him early on rpg.
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Nathan and I then followed up with a story about how Percy was chased by Diesel 10, a mean train with a claw.
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